Seed Training and Counselling Centre was in collaboration with NeufEC Consultancy in 2016. Both centres share the same intellectual property rights ever since. Nonetheless, we continue to provide our services for all individuals, families, groups, and organizations with new form and image of centre. We hope that people can face their challenge and take it easy to make your life much easier, interesting and better.

NeuFEc services

NeuFEc Classroom

NeufEC Classroom is designed for kids aged from 3 to 6 years old to enhance their learning and academic skills and provide childcare service.


Neurofeedback is also known as brainwaves training, we use mindwave mobile headset and apply sensor to the forehead to monitor and measure brainwave activity.


Neuropsychology is a branch of psychology that aims to understand how behavior and cognition are influenced by brain functioning and the rest of nervous system.

NeuFEc Lifeskills

NeufEC consultancy created a holistic educational system focuses on fostering students’ coping skills and the abilities they need; helping children solve their own problems.


Counselling is a type of talking therapy that allows people to talk about their problems and any feelings in a safe, private and confidential environment.

Workshop and Camp

Workshop and Camp

Business Opportunity

NeufEC Consultancy, we have perfect and concrete work and operation, training and standard operation procedure to provide sufficient information, resources or tools in order to propel our centre operation.

Our team


• Relationships with emotional experts
• US and Malaysian registered counselors
• US certified drug counseling therapist

Alice Lee


• Started early childhood teaching since 2002
• Have more than 10 years experiences in kindergarden and after school care management
• Proficient in kindergarden and after school care teacher training



• Graduated at Unitar International University
• Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education in year 2016
• Graduated at Open University Malaysia - Diploma in Early Childhood Education in year 2013
• 10 years of teaching experience, 5 of those years in Montessori Method
• Certified as life Coach in year 2015.
• Trained as Neurofeedback trainer

Teacher Teoh

News & Events

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  • 16岁女儿谈恋爱,怎么办? Alice 老师, 女儿16岁还在求学,半年前谈恋爱了。我知道他们交往,也认识男生,我没反对。但是我发现,他们最近放学一起回来我家里。家里无人。我已经通知他们,家里没人绝对不可以单独相处。但是。。他们撒谎了。 我该怎么办? 宣妈 宣妈 谢谢您的问题。作为家长的我们,首先要让孩子们知道,每个人到了青春期都会对异性变得敏感,同时会产生爱慕和好奇之心,渴望了解异性,得到对方的注意。尝试和孩子沟通,让孩子正确认识青春期性对爱情正确的态度。和孩子分享“爱慕”是青春期的青少年随着性意识的发展而自然产生的一种很正常的心理现象,但这些并不是成熟爱情的全面。成熟爱情里还包括了为自己和对方负责任,也有对未来生活的担当。 引导孩子: 对学业学习的责任和正确态度 对生活有担当,从学业和学习态度开始。成熟的爱是愿意去承担责任,正面严肃地对进行婚恋观的教育,排除不正确思想意识的干扰。所以成熟的爱可以经得起时间的考验,也一定经得起来自性方面的诱惑,懂得尊重异性和自我尊重。注意自身的仪表和文明礼貌,懂得如何不牵扯精力,不会影响学业和全面发展。 培养正确的兴趣和爱好 注意自己的言行,不随便动手动脚。需要多关心班集体的事情,培养正确的兴趣和爱好,为集体出力,在健康的生长环境下健康成长。 和学校加强联系合作 让学校和家长一起帮助孩子健康交友,共同关注顺利帮助孩子渡过青春期。 可以通过心理辅导或教育教导孩子学会如何健康地和异性交往 在辅导过程中,辅导老师会让孩子了解生育过程,生育和养育小孩的责任,会提醒孩子所以必须是成年人的事情,也会和孩子探讨健康两性相处之道。同时,也会和家人一起探讨女儿和父亲的关系。又健康父女关系的孩子在两性关系里会更有分寸和幸福。 总的来说,我建议和孩子通过书和网上的资料加以引导,不能强行打击,多听听孩子的想法。陪伴孩子学习渡过感情的道路,如何理智的去处理。最重要家长和孩子关系和谐。 李馨君(Alice),情绪和关系专家,共频大脑和品格训练中心。感谢。 52 (first floor), Jalan Limau Manis 3, Taman Limau Manis. 14000. Bukit Tengah. Pulau Pinang. 热线号码:0124982192 面子书:

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